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ART 10.0

The 10th edition of ART will be held online from 24-31th January. The talks will be hosted on Airmeet, and live streamed to Youtube and our Facebook page.

About ART

It is a 3-day long student-industry-research symposium featuring research talks by BITS graduates in academia or working in industry on some really hot research topics. It consists of lectures, panel discussions, research showcase and informal interaction with students and faculty amongst other events.
ART provides a platform for graduates pursuing research careers to interact with students on campus via interactive talks and panel discussions. The attempt is to show how vibrant solving computer science problems can be. It aims to validate the popular notion that good learning happens through informal conversations and discussing ideas while spending time proving or disproving things or experimenting with the unknown.

The Process


The process of ART begins with a comprehensive survey of the students about their interests centered over Computer Science and its applications. Their expectations and profile of the audience is also taken care of in the analysis. The topics of discussion and their level and detail are hence finalized. Suitable preparatory material is also posted to the registered participants to provide a background and overview of the talks. During ART, the recent Graduates motivate and guide the students to take up research and related activities. And also direct their minds towards how things truly work in the real world. The talks are video recorded for future reference and each talk is followed by an informal session with the speakers. This provides the much needed time and space for an insightful discussion with the Alumni wherein one can actually meet in person and talk their hearts out to these wonderful BITSian gems. On the last day, a faculty-alumni dinner is organized which facilitates a fruitful exchange of ideas and a healthy discussion between the two groups about research practices at BITS Pilani and outside as well. ART had its first season in 2012. It saw a participation of about 660 inquisitive students at Pilani, in addition to the students at Goa and Hyderabad. Besides, ART also saw some students from BITS Dubai visiting Pilani for the event. For more information on the previous edition of ART.



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ART Coordinator

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ART Coordinator

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ART Coordinator

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