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Alumni Research Talks 3.0

Alumni Research Talkss (ART) 3.0 was organised on 17th - 19th January, 2014. Sponsored by tech giants like Google, Ebay, NetApp and PayPal, this edition of ART was lined up with several alumnus working in field of computational biology to database systems, and helped in connecting BITSian students with different experts in recent fields of computer science.



Mayank Mohta, a Software development Engineer at Google, graduated in Computer Science Engineering from BITS Pilani in 2010. He completed his Masters from Carnegie Mellon University.

His research area includes Big data, Distributed Systems, Data Structure and Algorithms and Machine Learning. Prior to working on Google,he has worked in multinational tech companies like Amazon.

Talk Topic: "Big Data"


Shravan Sukumar, an Associate Research Scientist at Corteva, obtained his dual degree in Biology and Computer Science from BITS Pilani in 2011. He then completed his PhD. from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

His research area includes Computational Biology and Genomics. He has also developed several Machine Learning models for predicting binding specificity.

Talk Topic: "CS in Biology"

Aakash Goel

Aakash Goel, a Masters student at Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia), completed his BE in Computer Science Engineering in 2010.

His research area includes Database systems.He interned with Facebook where he worked for improving recovery for an in-memory distributed database. Prior to joining Georgia Tech he was a senior member of the technical staff at Oracle. He has previously worked at some of the world's leading organizations like Facebook, Oracle and Texas Instruments.

Talk Topic: "Dynamic World of Data"

Prashanth P.M 

Prashanth P.M., a Software Development Engineer at Amazon, Seattle, graduated in Computer Science Engineering from BITS Pilani in 2011.

His research area includes Computer Graphics and Visualization. He has worked in a wide array of companies as an intern, notably Amazon and Hewlett-Packard.

Talk Topic: "Photoshop for Freeloaders"

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