Recruitment Details

Our orientation session was conducted at 5PM on 8th November, 2020. In case you missed it, contact us for the slides.

Mindturner link: (make sure to use http here)


Warning: A number of cases of cheating have come to our attention. Discussion with other contestants is grounds for immediate disqualification. The test is open internet, and we feel that should be enough to make your way through all levels. In case you feel you have cheated and wish to still be considered, please refer the Regret Clause at the bottom of this page.


We have now concluded our event and the first leg of our recruitment procedure. We will work on the results and inform the selected ones shortly. You can head over to the answers section for the answers. It was a nice encounter with you all, hope you enjoyed it!!!


We congratulate all of you for peforming really well in MindTurner. But as decided, we have to select a few and move ahead with the recruitments with them. Here is the list of selected students:
username stage cleared
Shaz001 6
brobat 6
tanaypatni 6
anand 6
Karan_151 6
Yatin 6
Sanskar 6
rohan 6
sar123 6
ShirishK 6
varun 6
Atish 6
ckapoor7 6
dipsi 6
Harsh 6
mohitdmak 6
Aniket 6
06xus0 6
SlimShady 6
Deeppandya 6
abhirath24 6
SSBhatt 6
ssvaditya 6
Nischay 6
nidhish27 6
Constant 6
Risheet 5
shreyas_12 5
Madhav 5
roboy 5
Ydjdb 5
Prolaxic 5
KaustabC 5
Jash123 5
Aryan2323 4
deVICe 4
Aryaman 4
Vishwa11 4
Irvit 4
jaysheel 4
newrex 4
dakshjun 4
parth10 4
Jeet Kumar 4
PratyushG 4
Devyanshu 3
ersatz 3
Anish_aak 3
asahay 3
kushalk123 3
Vibudh 3

Note: If you had entered an invalid or someone else’s contact number in the event registration, please contact Chinmay or Gautam for changing it.

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For any further queries, contact: Chinmay Shah (88270-58088)
Gautam Bhambhani (90533-44009)
Email us at:
Message us on facebook: csa.bits


Are there any prerequisites?

None, apart from an interest in CS. You might need to google a few things out at some stages to figure out what to do, but nothing too complicated.

The contest has already started, am I at a disadvantage compared to others?

No, you are not at any disadvantage. The event is designed to be much shorter than 72 hours. The longer duration has been kept to allow everyone to participate at whatever time works for them.

Can I leave and rejoin later?

Yes, just remember your credentials. You can start, leave and rejoin anytime in the 72 hours. The event is designed to be much shorter than 72 hours. The longer duration has been kept to allow everyone to participate at whatever time works for them.

I am stuck, can you help me out?

We’ll be releasing answers and hints to each stage at different points in time, starting with the orientation session.

[Spoiler Alert]


Stage 1:

Q.1 [Answer] prepare yourself to win

Q.2 [Answer] 150

Q.3 [Answer] damnyou

Q.4 [Answer] adp

Stage 2:

Q.1 [Answer] (Ping the web host in your terminal. The IP address you get there is the answer.)

Q.2 [Answer] 89 (This is a pental number system where D=4,E=3,N=2. Hence END=325+25+4*1=89)

Q.3 [Answer] :’) (This is a one-to-one mapping where each digit/symbol is mapped to the corresponding digit in the RHS. After that the combination of digits is used and converted to the characters according to suitable ASCII codes.)

Stage 3:

Q.1 and Q.2: [Answer] (You need to inspect element any of the options and change their HTML tag and make the value of attribute “value” to “2” and “4” respectively for each question.)

Stage 4:

Q.1 [Answer] cglite (It is actually an SVG image which appears to be the white background. Download the image, and open it in a text editor. Apart from the first instance of “white”, change all instances to “black” and then open the image in browser/image viewer. It has transformed to a QR code! Scan it!)

Stage 5:

Q.1 [Answer] carnicobar (obtain all the values of the binary number I3I2I1I0, I3 being the Most Significant bit, for which Z evaluates to true. These values are hexadecimal A, B and C. Out of all combinations, CAB is the code for the airport name ‘Carnicobar’.)

Stage 6:

Q.1 [Answer] whentheredstarts (As in stage 4, download the image and open with text editor, preferably notepad. Scroll down to the end. You’ll find the line written as “Try AES”, copy the part after that. Go to an online AES decoder and paste it there. The secret key is “noob”. )

Regret Clause

In case you have cheated on the event by discussion of undisclosed answers with other contestants, you will be disqualified. A number of such cases have come to our attention. In case you feel you should still be considered, you can email us at with the title REGRET CLAUSE within 24 hours of cheating. Note that we will not ask you to snitch on your batchmates.